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  • Extreme Experiences: Climb to the top of a waterfall

  • Remote Places: Jan Mayen Island

  • Expeditions: Explore the Amazon by kayak

  • Film: Fish People




Explore the Amazon by kayak

Photo: Tofino Expeditions

Have you ever dreamed of being a jungle explorer?

Well, here’s your chance to glide soundlessly down a rainforest river in a kayak with only the sound of bird calls and rustling of troops of monkeys in the treetops overhead to break the silence.

Kayaks give you exclusive access to the small streams and the mysteries of the flooded forests of Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park.

Spend your days gliding across mirror-calm lakes to look for pink Amazon river dolphins and search the jungle for macaws and monkeys.

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Jan Mayen Island

Photo: Unknown

In the vast expanse of the Arctic Ocean, a solitary volcanic peak emerges defiantly from the swirling mist.

This small Norwegian island known as Jan Mayen is an isolated haven for intrepid adventurers seeking untouched beauty.

Its rugged coastline, battered by relentless Arctic winds, showcases dramatic cliffs that plunge fearlessly into the icy depths below.

The surrounding seas are home to orcas as well as minke, fin, and blue whales.

Jan Mayen is a true bird paradise. Colonies of gulls, fulmars, puffins, and many other birds thrive here.

Jan Mayen's surreal landscape, dotted with icy glaciers and steaming hot springs, offers a haunting juxtaposition of fire and ice, captivating those fortunate enough to witness its otherworldly grandeur.

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Fish People

Are you one of those people that feels like you’re slipping into another world when you enter the water?

You’re not alone.

Fish People tells the stories of people who have dedicated their lives to the sea. From surfers and spearfishers to a former coal miner, it’s a film about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean.

Watch the film for free here » 




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Climb to the top of a waterfall in New Zealand

Photo: Wildwire

There aren’t many places in the world where you can climb a waterfall but on the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Wanaka, you can.

’Lord of the Rungs’ is the highest waterfall via ferrata in the world.

Along the way, you’ll cross a 2-wire bridge, go behind a 60m waterfall and climb through an airy overhang.

There are 3 different levels to suit varying abilities. The full 5-7 hour climb includes a helicopter ride off the top of the waterfall. How cool is that?

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Wow: Soaring with orcas.

Wisdom: Lessons learned from motorcycling from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town.

Birds: Dive bombing ganets.

Chill: Take a relaxing float down Florida's Ichetucknee River.

Learn: Getting your private pilot’s license.




Where in the world

Photo: Getty Images

Wanna flex your adventure geography skills? Guess where this pic was snapped!

Here’s a clue - it’s not in Utah.

Still stumped? No worries. The answer is at the end of this email.




“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful - an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”

Ansel Adams




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Hiking in Reunion Island.



 ANSWER: El Castildetierra, Bardenas Reales - Spain