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Plus: Black water rafting, cruising Alaska's Inside Passage and more.







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Happy Friday! This is Adventure Fix, the weekly email for people who believe there is always more to explore.

Here’s what we've got for you today:

  • Extreme Experiences: Black water rafting through glowworm caves

  • Expedition Cruises: Journeying through Alaska’s Inside Passage

  • Film: Hidden Indonesia

  • Wildlife Experiences: Tiger Safari at Ranthambore National Park




Black water rafting through glow worm caves

Photo: Discover Waitomo

My guess is you’ve heard of white water rafting before but what about black water rafting?

Black water rafting takes a unique twist by combining caving and rafting, well tubing to be precise.

In New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves, a canopy of glowworms lights the underground ceiling like constellations. Tubers float 150 feet (46 meters) below the surface as they weave through this wonderland.

These glowworms are actually the larvae of a species of fungus gnat called Arachnocampa luminosa. They emit a bioluminescent light to attract prey and create an otherworldly ambiance in the caves.

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Tiger safari at Ranthambore National Park

Photo: Ranthambore National Park

Ever dreamt of seeing tigers in the wild?

Then head to India’s Ranthambore National Park. It’s considered one of the world's best places to see and photograph the elegant yet immensely powerful Royal Bengal Tiger.

As the gates of Ranthambore National Park swing open, you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported into the Jungle Book. The roads take you past streams, lush forests, and rugged cliffs, giving photographers the perfect backdrop for their photos of these awe-inspiring felines.

Whether lounging by a tranquil waterhole, stealthily stalking prey, or playfully frolicking with cubs, the tiger's every move resonates with an enigmatic charm that epitomizes the wild. These captivating moments embody the untamed spirit of Ranthambore.

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Journeying through Alaska’s Inside Passage

Photo: Tyler Moses

Have you ever been on an expedition cruise? Unlike typical mega cruises, there are no cheesy performances or drunken parties instead there are naturalist talks and captivating wildlife encounters. One great destination to get your feet wet in the world of expedition cruising is Alaska’s Inside Passage.

As you glide along the calm waters, surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains and ancient glaciers, listen for the haunting calls of bald eagles and the rhythmic splash of playful seals.

Watch humpback whales launch into the air, orca pods scout the coastline and grizzly bears feed on salmon.

Once the ship sets anchor in one of the many secluded coves, you can head ashore to hike through rainforests or grab a kayak for an up-close encounter with sea otters and seals.

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Hidden Indonesia

Photo: Fernweh Chronicles

“Off the beaten path” means different things to different people. For Tara and Georg Bayer, it meant taking their kids to live with the Mentawai island tribe in Indonesia for a few days.

Their vlog titled Hidden Indonesia: 96 Hours Living with an Island Tribe documents their time in the rainforests of the tiny island of Siberut, learning from people who live out their ancestors’ traditions in order to survive in such a remote and wild place.

Here’s our favorite line: “You know when we tell people that we are going traveling, they assume that we are going on vacation, which in my mind is the very opposite of traveling. One's goal is to relax by a pool and believe me there's nothing wrong with that. But the other one, when done correctly, should be challenging and pulling on the very fabric of your reality.”

Watch the video here »




Wow: Watch flowers bloom in front of your eyes.

Apps: Find campsites, water refills, and more with iOverlander.

Voyage: 10,000 Miles on a 40' Sailboat.

Future: Promise and perils of space travel.

Fitness: Get in shape for summer with this TRX suspension trainer.  




Where in the world

Photo: Flashpacker Connect

Wanna flex your adventure geography skills? Guess where this pic was snapped!

Need a clue? Look back at Issue 104 of Adventure Fix.

Still stumped? No worries. The answer is at the end of this email.




“It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.”

David Attenborough




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