Langjökull Ice Cave

Explore the world's longest man-made ice tunnel.



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Today we are heading to Húsafell, Iceland to explore the Langjökull Ice Cave. 

What makes this ice cave unique is it’s the world’s longest man-made ice tunnel. And unlike, Iceland’s natural ice caves, this one is open all year around.


Langjökull Ice Cave

Langjökull Ice Cave

Photo: Arctic Adventures

To travel up to the ice cave you’ll take an 8-wheel-drive monster truck that was a former NATO missile launcher that has now been fully modified to drive on the glacier in almost any weather condition.

The drive in this massive glacier mobile up the slopes is a worthwhile experience on its own.

When you arrive at the entrance of the tunnel, you’ll strap crampons to your boots and make your way down into the entrance of the tunnel which will take you 130 ft (40 m) underground.

At first look, you’ll notice the ice that surrounds you in every direction. As you spend more time, you might start taking in the different lines and textures.

Your guide will lead you through various hallways and side tunnels.

One of these offshoots leads to a small chapel with amazing acoustics. You can even get married there.


Langjökull Ice Cave

Photo: Arctic Adventures


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How To Visit Langjökull Ice Cave

To visit the ice cave you’ll need to book a tour and go with a professional glacier guide as it can be dangerous due to the fissures and crevasses that are on the ice.

Some tours offer an option to add on other excursions like seeing Odin’s Eye and a snowmobile trip across the glacier.