Issue 148: Rwenzori

Plus: Morning Glory Clouds, a unique stay near Zion, and more.





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  • Stays: Under Canvas Zion

  • Hiking Routes: Mountains of the Moon trek

  • Natural Wonders: Morning Glory Clouds




Under Canvas Zion

Photo: Under Canvas Zion

Surrounded by sandstone cliffs, majestic red rock, and wide-open desert skies, Under Canvas Zion is a haven of natural beauty and solitude in the American Southwest.

Their beautiful glamping tents can fit two to six people and are perfect for the entire family. Sleep under the stars without giving up those precious creature comforts, the tents have ensuite bathrooms and plush bedding.  

Located just 20 miles from the South entrance to Zion National Park in Virgin, Under Canvas Zion is the perfect place if you’re looking for a unique and luxurious stay.

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Rwenzori: Mountains of the Moon Trek

When travelers think of a great African hike, Mt. Kilimanjaro comes to mind. But let’s expand our horizons and look beyond the obvious.

In the western corner of Uganda lies a landscape that seamlessly blends grassland, montane forest, rugged peaks, and glistening glaciers, all stacked in layers defined by altitude.

In the Rwenzori Mountains lies a world-class hiking destination awaiting discovery. It’s the highest mountain range in Africa and home to the continent's third-highest peak, Mount Stanley, soaring to an impressive 16,761 feet (5,109 meters) above sea level.

Trekkers can reach the summit of Mount Stanley, known as Margarita Peak in 8 very full days of hiking. You’ll walk through the tropical rainforest, past waterfalls until you reach the high alpine environment. Standing on a glacier you’ll get incredible views of Africa below you.

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Morning Glory Clouds

Photo: Al Sim – GOSOARING

Between September and November, above Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria, you can see one of the world’s rarest and most spectacular cloud formations.

Known as the Morning Glory, this unique phenomenon manifests as a long, tube-shaped cloud stretching across the sky for up to 62 miles (100km).

Typically occurring in the morning, towards the end of the region’s dry season, the Morning Glory often signals the arrival of thunderstorms.

This mesmerizing spectacle draws the attention of photographers and glider pilots alike, with the latter skillfully navigating the wave's powerful updrafts.

The most popular place for cloud-spotting is the tiny, isolated outback town of Burketown, in Queensland.

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Best Cameras to Take on a Safari

When it comes to capturing great photos on safari, your phone just won’t cut it. To get high-quality images of those special moments out on the Savannah, you’ll need the right camera for the job.

With so many options, choosing the best photo gear can be overwhelming. That’s why we put together a guide to help you find the best camera to take on safari.




Nature: Why do bees buzz in sync?

Big Animals: Underwater Fin whale encounter in Norway.

Trip: Climb and sail in the middle of the Mediterranean.




Where in the World

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