Issue 147: Weddell Sea

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  • Unique Adventures: El Potrero Chico Climbing Retreat

  • Adventure Cruises: Weddell Sea Emperor Penguin Voyage

  • Stays: Mashpi Lodge




El Potrero Chico Climbing Retreat

Looking for the perfect place for an active and warm getaway for next winter, head to El Potrero Chico.

It’s known as Mexico’s multi-pitch climbing paradise and one the best big wall climbing spots in the world.

With over 600 limestone sport routes from the accessible 5.8s of Virgin Canyon to the more intimidating 5.12+ challenges like Time Wave Zero, there's a route for every skill level and ambition.

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Weddell Sea Emperor Penguin Voyage

Photo: M/V Ortelius

Step on board M/V Ortelius and set course for a recently discovered Emperor penguin colony in the Weddell Sea.

Emperors are the largest and least common penguin species in the world, making this journey extra special.

The Weddell Sea is a remote ocean in Antarctica is nearly always covered in sea ice. These ice shelves make huge tabular icebergs that are incredible to see.

It’s not uncommon to see large numbers of Orcas, Humpbacks, Minke Whales, Leopard, Weddell, and Crabeater Seals.

The M/V Ortelius is equipped with helicopters, which are a true trip changer as they allow access where zodiacs can’t reach. Some possible flights include the west slopes of the Antarctic Sound where layered sandstones, lava flows, and glaciers can be found as well as Duse Bay and Seymour Island.

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Mashpi Lodge

Photo: Mashpi Lodge

At Mashpi Lodge, you don’t need to trek all the way into the Amazon rainforest to get an incredible wildlife adventure experience.

This luxury cocoon in the clouds offers a wild and remote site with breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains and their unique ecosystems.

Here, you can encounter up to 400 species of birds, otherworldly plants, and wild animals, all set against the backdrop of crashing waterfalls and stunning views of both cloud and rainforests.

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Discover the Hidden Corners of Our Planet

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Hiking: The wildest trails in Patagonia.

Photo: Photographing Sperm Whales with Paul Nicklen.

Visual Essay: Little Tibet

Cool Tools: Alpaka Raft’s The Valkyrie V3 is the kayaker’s packraft.




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