Issue 145: Dampier Archipelago

Plus: Walindi Plantation Resort, Life in the Arctic Circle and more.





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  • Stays: Walindi Plantation Resort

  • Paddling: Dampier Archipelago and Murujuga Sea Kayak Expedition

  • Film: Life in the Arctic Circle




Walindi Plantation Resort

Photo: Walindi Plantation Resort

If you’re looking for a scuba diver’s paradise, look no further than Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea.

The bay’s waters reveal a kaleidoscope of marine wonders. Pristine coral reefs are home to barracuda schools and elusive sharks, while macro enthusiasts can marvel at rare nudibranchs and intricate shrimps.

Along the bay's shores, a Walindi Plantation Resort offers a place for adventurous divers to stay. With twelve beachfront bungalows and eight plantation house rooms, they offer a blend of traditional charm and modern comfort amid tropical gardens.

The resort is a base camp for adventures. From scuba diving, nature walks, and volcano hikes, there are plenty of ways to explore this part of the country.

Divers can hop aboard the MV FeBrina or MV Oceania and chart a course to renowned dive sites like South Emma and Inglis Shoal, where encounters with whales, dolphins, and sharks are not uncommon.




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Dampier Archipelago and Murujuga Sea Kayak Expedition

Photo: World Expeditions

The Dampier Archipelago, off the northwest coast of Australia, is a stunning maze of over 40 islands, each with its own unique character and natural beauty.

Embarking on a multiday kayak expedition through these pristine waters is an adventure like no other. The crystal-clear turquoise waters surrounding the archipelago are teeming with marine life, rugged coastlines adorned with ancient rock formations, and secluded beaches fringed by lush vegetation.

Exploring the labyrinth of islands in the archipelago by kayak, you'll discover hidden coves and secluded bays where you can stop to rest and soak in the beauty of your surroundings.

This area of Australia is known for its Aboriginal rock art sites. With over a million individual engravings, you'll find yourself navigating amidst the largest outdoor art gallery in the world.

Set up camp on a pristine beach and watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in a palette of vibrant hues. The stars emerge in all their glory as night falls, casting a mesmerizing glow over the tranquil waters.

The best time to visit if you want a chance of catching humpback whales during their annual migration is from June to September.

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Life in the Arctic Circle

Northern Norway is captivating, particularly in winter, boasting vast untouched landscapes, unpredictable weather, abundant wildlife, and resilient inhabitants accustomed to the harsh conditions.

Life in the Arctic, a short film, encapsulates this environment, featuring a lifelong resident from the Sami tribe, who have inhabited the region for thousands of years, pioneering life in the high Arctic.




Wow: When it rains in New Zealand, the mountains come alive.

Photo: Capturing marine iguanas in the Galapagos.

Nature: A mesmerizing pattern found in nature and the cosmos.

Underwater: Freediving Greenland’s whale graveyard.

Cool Tools: Beringia Hawl Bag




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