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Plus: Five Corals & Seven Sisters, Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge and more.




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  • Diving: Five Corals and Seven Sisters

  • Wildlife Encounters: Iberian Lynx

  • Stays: Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge




Five Corals and Seven Sisters Liveaboard Cruise

When divers think of the Red Sea, Egypt might come to mind, but if you want to escape the crowds, head to Saudi Arabia to explore the Five Corals of Rabigh and the Seven Sisters of Yanbu.

Both areas are made up of stunning reef systems and have plenty of sites to discover.

The pinnacles here offer everything from tranquil plateaus to sheer walls littered with gorgonian forests as well as other hard and soft corals.

Come face to face with whale sharks, hammerheads, tiger sharks, silkies, mantas, and turtles.

The most interesting wildlife in this area lives over 100 feet (30 meters) below the surface so having an Advanced certification will let you get the most out of this trip.




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Searching for the Iberian Lynx

Photo: Junta de Andalucía - Manuel Moral

In Central Spain, you’ll find the best places to spot the most endangered wildcat species in the world, the Iberian Lynx.

Characterized by its distinctive tufted ears, spotted coat, and short tail, the Iberian lynx is a solitary and elusive predator, primarily hunting rabbits, its main prey.

Like most wild felines, the Iberian Lynx is elusive which makes them seeing one in the wild a real challenge.

Waiting patiently in a hide, a hut with large glass windows is the best way to see this animal in its natural habitat. There are several hides in the Mediterranean forest.

Iberian Lynx can be seen all year round, however, December and January is mating season which nd is an interesting time to try to photograph lynx as they are most active during this time.

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Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge

Photo: Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge

Situated in the Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation Area at 7500 feet (2286 meters), Witisiehoek Mountain Lodge is the highest accommodation option in South Africa’s Northern Drakensberg.

The mountain lodge boasts spectacular views of Sentinel Peak and Amphitheater on all sides and comfortable beds to welcome you home from a long day exploring the incredible and wild surrounding scenery.

This area of South Africa is an excellent hiking destination and the lodge gives you access to the trailhead to the famous one-day Mont-aux-Sources or Amphitheatre Hike.

The best time to visit is autumn (April and May) or spring (September and October). The days are warm at this time, but cooler than during the hotter summer months.

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Best Travel Insurance for Adventure Cruises

Photo: Amanda Zeisset

Whether you’re an intrepid traveler, a nature enthusiast, or a passionate adventurer exploring uncharted waters, ensuring you have the right insurance is paramount.

Check out our guide to the Best Travel Insurance for Adventure Cruises. You’ll learn about the unique considerations when going on an organized cruise and find our top recommendations for 2024.




Wildlife: Best places to swim with whale sharks by month.

Wow: Cruising through the land of the dinosaurs.




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