Issue 139: Mola Mola

Plus: Diving with Mola Molas, daredevil cartwheel, and more.





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  • Diving: Diving with Mola Molas at Crystal Bay

  • Remote Places: Bartang Valley

  • Wildlife Encounters: Bald eagles perform daredevil cartwheel




Diving with Mola Molas at Crystal Bay

Photo: Unknown

If you’ve ever wanted to dive with a giant Mola Mola, head to Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida.

The dive site is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, offering visibility up to 130 ft (40 meters), making it an excellent place to encounter the majestic ocean sunfish.

These fascinating creatures frequent the area's cleaning stations within the shallow coral bay.

While the peak season for sightings spans from July to October, the possibility of encountering these gentle giants exists year-round.

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Anchorage: Your Base for Chasing the Aurora

Photo: Jody O. - Visit Anchorage

Are you ready to witness one of nature's most spectacular phenomena?

Look no further than Anchorage, Alaska, your gateway to the mesmerizing northern lights.

With minimal light pollution and clear skies, you won’t need to travel far from the city to find prime aurora-viewing locales.

From secluded mountain peaks to serene lakeshores, Anchorage provides the perfect backdrop for your northern lights quest.

Although the aurora phenomenon happens year-round, the sky has to be clear and dark enough to see it. Late August to April gives you the best chance to catch these bright colors dancing across the sky.




Bartang Valley

Photo: Dave Stamboulis

For many, traveling the Pamir Highway is already an extreme adventure but if you want to take the even more “road less traveled,” get off the main highway and venture into the Bartang Valley.

Here, the green plains along the raging Bartang River are contrasted by the stark and barren walls of narrow rock canyons under jagged peaks.

One of the most remote and desolate stretches of Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains, the Bartang Valley is known for its hospitable people, trekking, and beautiful villages.

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Bald Eagle Daredevil Courtship Cartwheel

Photo: Alex McInnis

Perhaps you’ve seen bald eagles before but have you ever seen them perform their intense courtship display?

These powerful birds don’t do goofy dances to show they are fit to breed, instead, they execute a dramatic and risky stunt known as a daredevil cartwheel.

The pair fly high above the ground and lock onto each other’s talons. Still fully entangled, with wings outstretched they twirl down through the sky together. Right before they smash into the ground, they release their talons and begin flying upward.

This same wild flight is also performed by rival eagles competing for mates or territory but in a much less graceful way.

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Photo: Taylor Taff

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