Issue 137: Pallay Punchu

Plus: Orca beach hunting, Remarkable Rwanda, and more.





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  • Wildlife Encounters: Orca Beach Hunting

  • Hiking Routes: Pallay Punchu

  • Films: Remarkable Rwanda




Orca Beach Hunting

Photo: Unknown

Annually, from March to May and again in October and November, Argentina’s Peninsula Valdés hosts a remarkable wildlife show: the intentional stranding of orcas to prey upon sea lion or elephant seal pups.

Peninsula Valdes is one of only two areas in the world where this technique has been observed. This unique behavior is practiced by just a few resident whales, known as ‘strangers’ along a stretch of coastline in Punta Norte Wildlife Reserve.

To carry out the attacks, orcas wait until 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide. They swim rapidly towards the shore and use the momentum of the wave to push themselves up onto the beach, where they attempt to snatch a seal pup.

To unbeach themselves, they wait for the next wave and use the power of their bodies to wiggle back into the sea.

Photographers and nature enthusiasts come to look out points along the peninsula in hopes of seeing this unique hunting technique.

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Pallay Punchu

Perhaps you’ve heard about Vincuna, Peru’s Rainbow Mountain but do you know about Pallay Punchu?

Named after the colorful designs on traditional ponchos worn in South America, the mountain has striking teal and maroon colors.

What sets it apart from Vincuna is it has sharper mountains and far fewer tourists. You can also see Lake Langui on the same trip, one of the largest lakes in the Cusco area.

The best time to go and see this Pallay Punchu is from May to October, this is the dry season in Cusco. Visiting during this time gives you the best chance for clear skies and seeing the mountain’s colors in all their glory.

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Remarkable Rwanda

Remarkable Rwanda is a captivating 52-minute documentary showcasing the diverse natural wonders of the country.

From the iconic mountain gorillas and breathtaking landscapes, the film celebrates Rwanda's resilience since the 1994 genocide.

Get glimpses of wildlife, including chimpanzees and elephants, alongside stunning views of volcanoes, lakes, and rivers.




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Adventure Fix reader Tatjana Aleksić shared her trip to Kamchatka on Summit.




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