Issue 136 | Ndutu Calving Season

Plus: Pekoe Trail, stay inside an aurora bubble, and more.





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  • Hiking Routes: Pekoe Trail

  • Wildlife Encounters: Ndutu Calving Season

  • Stays: The Aurora Bubble at Nellim Wilderness Lodge




Pekoe Trail: Trekking Sri Lanka’s First Long Distance Route

When you think of Sri Lanka, I’ll bet long-distance hiking wasn’t the first thing that came to your mind.

The Pekoe Trail might change that. This new, 22-stage, 180-mile (300 km) hiking route takes hikers through misty villages, tea estates, and up into the central highlands of this island nation. 

Starting near Kandy, this mega-hike follows historic cart tracks used for transporting tea leaves. Stage one spans 15 kilometers, treating hikers to breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like Hanthana Towers and the Temple of Doom filming site.

Whether you want to tackle one stage or the entire trail, the Pekoe Trail promises an unforgettable fusion of nature and culture.

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Ndutu Calving Season

Each year between January and March a remarkable event takes place in the Ndutu region of Tanzania.

During this season thousands of wildebeests, zebras, and other herbivores gather in the southern Serengeti plains to give birth to their young.

Pregnant herbivores come to the lush plains of Ndutu to seek out nutrient-rich grasslands to ensure the best start to life for their vulnerable little ones.

It's a critical period for the survival of these animals, as predators such as lions, cheetahs, and hyenas take advantage of the abundance of easy prey.

Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts swarm to this part of Tanzania to witness the spectacle of life, death, and renewal.

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The Aurora Bubble at Nellim Wilderness Lodge

Photo: Nellim Wilderness Lodge

Imagine seeing the Northern Lights from the comfort of your warm bed.

The Aurora Bubbles at Nellim Wilderness Lodge make that dream a reality.

These private cottages have giant glass igloo-style domes where you can stargaze at the clear Arctic sky.

During the day, head out on an Arctic safari. Instead of traveling around in a safari jeep, you’ll use a snowmobile or a husky sled.

If you prefer to travel on foot, snowshoes and skis are available to rent.

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Best Insurance Companies for Adventure Travel

Photo: Antonio Cala

Did you know many traditional travel insurance policies often exclude coverage for outdoor adventures and trips to remote destinations?

There’s nothing worse than spending big bucks to insure your trip and health while traveling and then being forced to pay out of pocket because your situation doesn’t meet the criteria for coverage.

To help you avoid this from happening to you, we’ve put together a master guide to the best adventure travel insurance policies out there.




Video: Summiting the Matterhorn with an FPV Drone.

Survival: Why you shouldn’t swim away from a shark quickly and what you should do instead.

Life: We all know people who seem to attract fun — here’s how you can do it too.

Nature: Three misconceptions about the Northern Lights.

Animals: Meet the newest ‘walking’ fish—a bright red creature of the deep.




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