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Plus: Horse trekking in Lesotho, the Eternal Flame and more.





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  • Unique Experiences: Horse Trekking in Lesotho

  • Diving: Malpelo Island

  • Natural Wonders: Eternal Flame Falls




Horse Trekking in Lesotho

In Lesotho, roads are scarce, and travelers are even scarcer. For generations, horsemen have navigated the intricate network of trails that wind through the country's steep and rugged mountains.

Following these trails on horseback provides an immersive way to encounter the landscapes and culture of this mountainous kingdom.

Traverse the majestic Drakensberg Mountains and relish breathtaking views of deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and rolling hills.

Climb the awe-inspiring Bushman’s Nek mountain pass, cutting through Sehlabathebe National Park, and discover corners of Lesotho that most tourists rarely have the opportunity to witness.

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Anchorage: Your Basecamp for Alaska’s Grand Adventures

Planning a big adventure in Alaska? As the largest city in the state, Anchorage is the perfect base for experiencing as much of The Great Land as you can in one trip. 

Whether you're dreaming of fat biking to a glacier, spotting bears, or witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights; it's all within reach of this vibrant urban hub.

Venture further into the untamed beauty of Katmai and Denali, then return to Anchorage to indulge in the creature comforts of urban life. Relax in comfortable hotels, savor freshly caught halibut, and try the famous reindeer hotdog.

Anchorage isn't just a city; it's the gateway to the best of Alaska. Start your adventure here and dive into the wild, with the comfort of coming back to city vibes.




Scuba Expedition to Malpelo Island

Photo: Shutterstock

When you think of top scuba destinations, Colombia is often overlooked.

However, venture 300 miles (500 km) off the mainland's coast, and you'll find Malpelo Island, boasting some of the world's best diving experiences.

This small rock along with its neighboring islands, emerges dramatically from the undulating surface of the waves. Beneath the water's surface lies a haven for one of the planet's largest populations of scalloped hammerhead sharks.

On each dive, you’ll get the chance to see huge schools of hammerheads, along with sightings of silky sharks, eagle rays, and whale sharks.

If you are an experienced diver who loves big animals, Malpelo should be on your radar.

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Eternal Flame Falls

This small waterfall in Chestnut Ridge Park near Buffalo, New York draws visitors with its unique and enchanting features.

If you look closely, it’s not just any waterfall, behind the cascading water, you’ll find a grotto lit by a perpetually burning orange flame.

The flame is fueled by natural gas seeping through the rocks creating an awe-inspiring juxtaposition of fire and water.

This extraordinary phenomenon has earned the waterfall its name, the "Eternal Flame."

You can see the flame all year around but the best time to visit is autumn, when the leaves are golden and rain less likely.

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Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography

Discover top wildlife photography gear with our guide to the best cameras. Capture nature’s wonders in stunning detail and bring your adventures to life.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to capture your first wildlife shots or an experienced pro seeking the best gear for those elusive moments in the wild, this master guide will help you choose the best camera that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.




Underwater: Traffic jam on the Nyinggulu, Western Australia.

Wow: Guy offers a hand to a giant octopus.

Adventure: Why some sherpas say there won’t be any guides on Everest in 10 years.

Photography: Why wildlife photography hides on safari are a must do.




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“Watch nature, because it is your greatest teacher. It moves and flows and moves on again. There is an incredible beauty out there in the mountains, in the forests, to teach you it’s silence, it’s beauty, it’s humility. Stay aligned to that.”

– Stuart Wilde


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