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  • Paddling: Kayaking from Coron to El Nido

  • Wildlife Encounters: Zakouma National Park

  • Stays: Free Spirit Spheres




Kayaking from Coron to El Nido

The Philippines offers some of the most beautiful waters around, but finding a secluded spot isn’t always easy.

A kayaking expedition from Coron and El Nido is the best way for sea lovers to explore the archipelago of over 200 islands.

Stop off along the way to snorkel or stretch your legs by strolling on beaches that are only accessible by boat. String up a hammock beneath a limestone overhang and take a well-deserved siesta.

Exploring the underwater world is just as exciting as paddling. Snorkeling in the clear, warm waters is like diving into a huge aquarium. Find Nemo darting in and out of its anemone, spot turtles, and admire the coral gardens.

From paddling calm lagoons surrounded by towering karst limestone formations to camping on hidden beaches and visiting remote fishing villages, paddling through the Palawan Archipelago is an unforgettable adventure.

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Zakouma National Park

While the Serengeti, Krugar, and Masaai Mara get all the fame when it comes to safari destinations, there are plenty of lesser-visited reserves that only the most intrepid traveler would dare to visit.

Zakouma National Park is one of these places. Thanks to its perennial water sources, it is a haven for West and Central African wildlife, many of which are threatened within this part of the world.

It’s also the setting for one of the world’s best conservation success stories. After years of ivory poaching, the park’s elephants were hunted to the brink of local extinction. Thanks to the protection of African Parks, Zakouma’s elephant population is on the rise, and it is home to the largest number of lions and cheetahs in the region.

Chad is not the easiest nor the most comfortable place to travel to, but those who make the trek are rewarded with a hidden safari treasure like no other.

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Free Spirit Spheres

If you’re looking for a cool, quirky, and truly unique place to stay on Vancouver Island, this is it.

Free Spirit Spheres has three handcrafted wooden spherical treehouses that offer a comfortable immersion in nature.

Not only are these suspended orbs a bucket list stay, but they are also the perfect base for exploring the area. From caving, ziplining, sea kayaking, hiking, and paddleboarding there are plenty of ways to see all the corners of Vancouver Island.

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What’s the best travel insurance for hiking trips?

Photo: Amanda Zeisset

Whether you plan on trekking to K2 basecamp, summiting remote peaks in the Andes, or tackling some of the toughest routes of the Himalayas, having insurance is always a good idea.

Even something as minor as a twisted ankle or bad stomach bug can mean real problems in remote places.

While some travel insurance policies cover hiking trips, there are limitations.

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