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Plus: Tundra Buggy Lodge, Peek inside the Explorers Clubhouse, and more.





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  • Stays: Tundra Buggy Lodge

  • Hiking: Omote Ginza Trail

  • Exploration History: Inside the Explorers Club HQ




Tundra Buggy Lodge

Photo: Frontiers North

Not your typical Arctic lodge, this unique property offers an immersive experience to get an up-close look at polar bears and see the Aurora Borealis.

The Tundra Buggy Lodge is parked out on the open tundra at Polar Bear Point inside the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.

During the polar bear season in October and November, you’ll see bears outside the window day and night.

February and March are the prime months to see the Northern Lights. The lodge has panoramic windows and skylights for those who prefer to stay cozy inside. Those ready to brave the cold can bundle up and head outside or even up onto the rooftop observation deck.

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Omote Ginza Trail

Japan. It’s a place that conjures thoughts of fresh tuna nigiri, bustling megacities, polite people, and ancient temples.

But do you know Japan’s more rugged and adventurous side? A place of mountain huts, pristine rivers, and forests?

One of the best ways to experience this wild side of Japan is the Omote Ginza Trail.

This route takes hikers on a 4-day trek across the ridges of the Japanese Alps, via Mt Tsubakuro, Mt Otensho, and the ultimate summit, Mt Yarigatake standing at 10,400 feet (3180 meters).

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An Exclusive Look Inside The Explorers Club's Members-Only Clubhouse 

Photo: Explorers Club

World history is full of secret clubs with elite members. Shrouded in mystery, these clubs become the stuff of legend.

In a lavish Upper Manhattan townhouse lies the headquarters of a legendary, though far less secretive society — The Explorers Club.

Huckberry Homes takes a rare look inside The Explorers Club Headquarters.




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Mystery: Is this a natural rock fracture or evidence of lost ancient technology?

App: Polarsteps - A fun way to plan, track, and remember your trips smartly and beautifully.

Interview: BBC Wildlife Magazine with Sergey Gorshkov about his award-winning shot of a Siberian tiger.

Writing: A love letter to an African safari.


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