Issue 120 | Scoresby Sound

Plus: Gallop through Patagonia, helicopter alpine lodge and more.






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Now, here’s what we've got for you today:

  • Expedition Cruises: Sail Greenland’s Scoresby Sound

  • Adventure Lodges: An alpine retreat in pure Kiwi wilderness

  • Expeditions: Ride through Chile’s Avellano mountain range on horseback

  • Photography: Fix boring nature and wildlife photos




An alpine retreat in pure Kiwi wilderness

Photo: Minaret Station

Accessible only by helicopter (this is off to a good start in our books), the isolated Minaret Station is located at the head of a glacial valley in the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Guests experience the otherwise inaccessible alpine wilderness with a touch of comfort and style.

There are plenty of ways to rough it in New Zealand, but staying at Minaret Station isn’t one of them. Here you’ll find warm and comfortable chalets that are outfitted with modern indulgences and amenities. To give you an idea, each chalet has its own private deck with a hot tub.

Not just a fancy hotel, Minaret Station is the starting point of incredible day trips from scenic flights to heli-biking, fly fishing, skiing, and hiking.

Luxury means something different in New Zealand, it’s about a lifestyle that is close to untouched nature and an immersion in the country’s warm and friendly culture.

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Sail Greenland’s Scoresby Sound

Photo: Colorwaves

Imagine waking up to a backdrop of the largest fjord in the world and the sounds of frolicking seagulls.

A voyage on an expedition vessel can take you to the incredible arctic landscape of Greenland’s Scoresby Sound.

Sail through untouched nature and spot exotic wildlife like arctic foxes, narwhales, polar bears, muskoxen, and snow hares.

Cruise past icebergs the size of buildings in an inflatable skiff, and marvel at the formations of arches and towers.


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Ride through Chile’s Avellano Mountain Range

Photo: Senderos Patagonia

As the sun sets over sweeping pampas and emerald forests, you and your trusty steed reach a rustic countryside outpost. The open pit barbeque is roaring and the smells of roasting lamb waft through the air.

Your group is following the rugged terrain of Chile’s Avellano Mountain range that cuts through the Aysén region, home of Patagonia’s modern cowboys. The path traces back to a time when horse and man forged unbreakable bonds.

Guided by the rhythmic clip-clop of hooves, the trek winds along ancient trails, revealing the dramatic juxtaposition where glaciers meet the ocean and the Andean condors glide through the mountain peaks.

The forests, meadows, and mountains offer a sanctuary disconnected from the clamor of civilization, yet intricately linked to the present moment.


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Fix your boring nature and wildlife photographs

Photo: Simon d'Entremont

Do your photos look like everyone else's to the point they make you question why you spent so much money on cameras and lenses to create such average images?

So, how do you create photos that stand out from the crowd?

Pro nature and wildlife photographer Simon d’Entremont has singled out one single problem that leads to boring shots and five simple tips to elevate your photography to a whole new level.

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Animals: Arctic foxes and polar bears are partners in crime.

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Aviation: Taking flight in Jordan’s Wadi Rum.

Health: Icelandic horses wellness plan.

Wildlife experiences: Uganda or Rwanda for gorilla trekking?




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"Do it for the doing, not for the praise of others. And don’t be put off trying something big by the fear of failure and the sneers of people who have not done anything."

– There Are Other Rivers, Alastair Humphreys




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