Issue 112 | Kuril Islands

Plus: Paragliding Socotra, rainbow waterfall and more.






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Happy Friday! This is Adventure Fix, the weekly email that takes you takes you to far-off places that are full of surprises and wonder.

Here’s our digital exploration lineup for today:

  • Adventure Film: Paragliding Socotra

  • Remote Places: Kuril Islands

  • Photography: Create art out of your photos

  • Natural Wonders: Yosemite Falls Rainbow




Forgotten Island: Paragliding Socotra

Photo: Nova Performance Paragliders

There are few places left in the world that feel like wild frontiers. Places that allow for new experiences and discovery.

In Forgotten Island, a group of pro paraglider pilots heads to Socotra, a remote island in the Arabian Sea, looking for adventure on a corner of Earth that was unexplored by air.

At the time of shooting, it was a place without maps or weather forecasts, a place that will bring out the pioneer in us, a place that reduces paragliding to what it once was.




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Kuril Islands: The edge of the world

Photo: Expedition Studios

A journey to the Kuril Islands will take you to the most dramatic reaches of the Pacific and the oceanic Ring of Fire in the Russian Far East.

Here, mighty volcanoes (mostly only half-asleep), cast their magnificent shadows across bizarre and beautiful landscapes.

From the pristine beaches of Iturup to the rugged cliffs of Kunashir, the Kuril Islands showcase a diverse range of natural wonders.

See whales rising from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, brown bears hunting for salmon, Arctic foxes hiding among flowering bushes, and rare species of birds soaring through the sky all the way to the horizon.

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Create incredible art out of your photos

One of the most rewarding experiences as a photographer is seeing your work in print. Whether you want to sell your work, decorate your walls, or gift your photos to a loved one, knowing how to create quality prints is a must.

There are a lot of mistakes people make when sending photos off to the printer. Whether they are blurry and not sharp or the colors just aren’t right.

To avoid this, check out the link below to learn all about DPI, PPI, creating test prints, and calculating the print size.

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Yosemite Falls Rainbow

Photo: Greg Harlow

As sunlight filters through the mist created by California’s magnificent Yosemite Falls, it creates a vibrant and mesmerizing rainbow that stretches across the imposing granite cliffs.

This enchanting sight is a rare phenomenon that occurs when high winds cause the waterfall to spray, allowing the full spectrum of colors to be seen.

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Future: ChatGPT predicts how AI will transform the outdoor industry.

Interview: Crusading against the mundane with Chris Burkard on Rich Roll.

Innovation: The geodesic dome camping tent.

News: Florida professor breaks record for time spent living underwater.

Wow: Beautiful marine bubble snail.




Wildlife Whiz

Guess which species is this unique bird. Bonus points for knowing its scientific name.

Stumped? No worries, the answer is at the end of this email.




"We go into the wilderness to find cracks in ourselves. We go back a year later to see if we've done anything about them".

Bill Merchant




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 ANSWER:  Shoebill (Balaeniceps rex)