Issue 105 | Diving with dinosaurs

Plus: Fat biking the Arctic Circle, dancing trees, and more.

Issue 105




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Happy Friday! This is Adventure Fix, your compass to the forgotten corners of the world.

Here’s what we've got for you today:

  • Natural Wonders: The Eye of the Sahara

  • Expeditions: Fat biking in Greenland

  • Wildlife Experiences: Diving with crocodiles

  • People: The mother of sharks




Fat biking Greenland’s Arctic Trail

Photo: Jakub Rybicki

Imagine cycling across a frozen landscape. Your bike moves like a tractor, propelling you through the world of pure whiteness. Stopping for a quick break, there is absolute silence. A world without stimuli, something so rare it’s hard to believe it exists.

There are no hotels for miles, so you overnight in remote camps. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to sleep under the glow of the Northern Lights.

Does this sound like your kind of adventure?

Then head to Greenland to tackle the Arctic Trail on a fat bike.

It’s a 125-mile (200 km) winter journey through the larger-than-life frozen lands of the high north. Along the way, you can see calving glaciers and icebergs the size of buildings. Keep your eyes out for musk oxen, reindeer, and arctic foxes.

This expedition is the perfect way to experience Greenland’s forces of nature and pristine landscapes using your own effort.

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Diving with dinosaurs

Photo: Andy Murch

Were you one of those kids that dreamed of seeing real dinosaurs?

Then head to Mexico’s Banco Chincorro to come face-to-face with their distant relatives.

The atoll is home to hundreds of American crocodiles and is considered to be the only place in the world to safely get close to this species.

Despite seeing other people’s pictures and being reassured this encounter is safe, once you slip into the water and the first croc appears, you might question your sanity. Their powerful bone-crushing jaws and lightning-fast reflexes can make even the bravest adventurers nervous.

Once you lock eyes with these massive ancient reptiles and watch the peacefully glide past you, your nerves calm and you can take in this magical experience.

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The Eye of the Sahara

Photo: NASA

One look at the Richat Structure, a 30-mile-wide geological oddity transports your imagination straight into a sci-fi movie.

But you don’t need to travel to some far-off galaxy to see this natural wonder. Just head deep into the Sahara desert until you reach the Ouadane in Mauritania.

Scientists believe it was created by a magma eruption that caused the desert floor to swell and the layers of rock were pushed up and fractured.

Over thousands of years, the high winds and sands gradually leveled them flat, forming the structure’s unique concentric rings.

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The Secret Routes of Migratory Birds

Photo: Christian Moullec

Have you ever looked up at a flock of birds in flight and wondered what it would be like to soar alongside them?

The Secrets of Migratory Birds is a film about a man who achieves just that. It tells the extraordinary story of Christain Moullec and his flock of geese who he incubated, hatched, and raised.

With his microlight aircraft, the “Birdman” as some call him, guides the birds along their ancient migration path south across Europe.

Watch this film for free here.




People: How one diver became the “Mother of Sharks.”

Discovery: A hobbyist stumbled upon Alaska’s northernmost glacier.

News: Albania boasts Europe's first wild river national park. 

Perspective: A reason to stop worrying.

Photography: Macro Freaks - An Instagram account for the tiny obsessed.




Where in the world

Photo: Daniel Kordan

Wanna flex your adventure geography skills? Take a guess at where this pic was snapped!

Stumped? No worries, the answer is at the end of this email.




”We do not remember days, we remember moments.” 

Cesare Pavese



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Walking on the Skaftafel glacier in Iceland with friends.



ANSWER: Walakiri Beach, Indonesia