Issue 103 | Galapagos of the Poles

Plus: Yasawa Islands kayak expedition, capture birds in flight and more.

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Here’s what we've got for you today:

  • Photo guide: Capture birds in flight like a pro

  • Unique destinations: South Georgia Island

  • Journeys: Sea kayaking expedition in the Yasawa Islands

  • Where in the world: Mysterious camel-filled canyon oasis



Paddling Fiji’s Yasawa Islands

Photo: Louise Southerden

Fiji is packed with luxurious resorts, but if you’re looking for a more active and authentic way to see this South Pacific country, head to the Yasawa island chain.

Here, the kayak is the best boat for navigating shallow waters that are off-limits for bigger motor boats. The sea is calm which makes for leisurely and enjoyable paddling.

Tour companies offer expedition-style trips that last a week or longer, giving you enough time to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

In between paddling the glassy blue water, you’ll be snorkeling the colorful reefs, picnicking on secluded beaches, cracking open coconuts with a machete, exploring limestone caves, and visiting traditional Fijian villages.

As the sun begins to fade into the horizon, set up camp on a remote beach and watch the spectacular sunset.

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South Georgia Island: The Galapagos of the Poles

Photo: Nomadasaurus

The zodiac lands on the black sand beach. Towering dark peaks and hanging glaciers line the horizon. Thousands of fluffy penguin chicks cry out for food as their parents waddle back to shore from a morning of hunting, ready to feed their young.

Giant petrels patrol the beach while blubbery elephant seal bulls duke it out for mating rights.

This is South Georgia, a rugged island that rises out of the Southern Ocean. Unlike its southern neighbor, Antarctica, the ground isn’t frozen which makes it an ideal nursery for polar wildlife.

It’s impossible to not be overcome by a sense of wonder and awe when visiting a place like South Georgia. Often called “the Galapagos of the Poles because of the massive numbers of penguins and seals that breed there.

Home to one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on earth, it’s a real nature lover’s dream destination.

South Georgia is also a must-see for polar history buffs who would like to visit Ernest Shackleton’s grave site.

If you find yourself being drawn to the lonely places of the extreme latitudes to experience Earth's last, scarcely touched regions, South Georgia should be on your radar.

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  • Resurrection Island (documentary series) - A five-part National Geographic series about how wildlife overcame South Georgia’s haunting past.




Capture birds in flight like a pro

Photo: Libor Vaicenbacher

You spot a Coconut Lorikeet gliding through the dense forest. Its vibrant rainbow-colored feathers glimmer in the sunlight. You whip out your camera and attempt to capture this magical moment.

Excited about your shots, the first thing you do when you get home is open up your laptop and go through your photos. The excitement quickly fades as you realize not a single one came out right. Some are blurry, others cut off your subject and the rest are underexposed.

So, how do pros get those brilliant tack-sharp photos of birds in action?

Their secret isn’t the latest or greatest camera and lens, it’s a combination of technical and naturalist skills.

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That's interesting: Why are some people more curious than others?

Learn: The alien world of deep sea vents explained.

Future: Could underwater greenhouses feed an ever-growing world?

Podcast: The woman who knows what elephants are saying.

Just for laughs: Comedy Wildlife Photo.




Where in the world 

Photo: Guido Aldi

Wanna flex your adventure geography skills? Guess where this pic was snapped!

Stumped? Find the answer at the end of this email.




“You cannot explore the universe if you think that you are the center of it.”

Joshua Suya Pelicano

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