Issue 102 | Swimming with unicorns

Plus: Biking in Iraqi Kurdistan, Pitcairn Island, and more.


Issue 102 | April 14, 2023



Happy Friday! This is Adventure Fix, your compass to the forgotten corners of the world.

Here’s what we've got for you today:

  • Out there: Mountain bike haven in the Middle East

  • Adventure Travel: Pitcairn Island

  • Encounters: Swimming with the unicorn of the sea

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Pitcairn: One of the most remote islands on Earth

Photo: Tony Probst

Wanna really get away from it all and travel to somewhere truly unique? Here's one for you.

Head to the Pitcairn Islands. Located about halfway between New Zealand and Peru, this group of four volcanic islands: Pitcairn, plus the uninhabited Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno.

Imagine the excitement of reaching Pitcairn after days at sea. Its desolate rock cliffs and lush hillsides bursting with vibrant green vegetation are even more striking after only seeing the vast ocean for so long. The ship sets its anchor and a small boat whisks you off to shore where you are greeted by some of the 47 locals. From hiking the rugged terrain to stargazing at an incredibly dark night sky and diving sites that look like the ocean did a thousand years ago, Pircairn takes "off-the-beaten-path" to another level.

It's hard to imagine that places like this still exist and while they are difficult to reach, traveling here would give you a glimpse of what very few people will ever experience.

Perhaps more interesting than the extreme remoteness of this island is how the people ended up there. Watch this video to learn about Pitcairn's dark past.




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Swimming with the unicorn of the sea

Photo: Harbor House Life

On the floe edge where the water meets the ice in the Arctic Ocean, it's possible to spot real-life ocean unicorns, the narwhal.

Imagine watching a pod of whales with enormous ivory teeth protruding from their heads as they feed and play.

If you want to have an even more intimate encounter, slip into the icy waters and share a moment with the whales.

Finding these creatures and then catching the perfect moment to swim with them can be a real challenge. Check out this video to see what it would be like to encounter narwhales underwater.




The lost trails of Zagros

Photo: Dan Milner

On the hunt for under-the-radar mountain bike destinations? Head to the remote trails of Iraqi Kurdistan. It's a semi-autonomous region in the northernmost corner of Iraq, a mountain sanctuary of soaring peaks and wild rivers more reminiscent of Alaska than the fiery, flat oilfields the name Iraq conjures.

The region’s relative security has caused a tourist boom, with more than three million travelers visiting each year.Read this: The Lost Roads of Zagros, an article about an exploratory mission to see the mountain biking potential of Iraqi Kurdistan.




Peak Design Wash Pouch

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🌲 That's interesting: The secret language of trees.

🔗 News: This grand trail will one day connect Washington, D.C., to Washington State.

🚵‍♀️ Interview: Dervla Murphy, one of the greatest travelers of our time.

🎹 Music: Mesmerising piano music at freezing temps under the Northern Lights.

🧭 Book: Wilderness Navigation.




Where in the world

Photo: Thomas Havel

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