Issue 100 | Mikomoto

Plus: The toughest hike in Europe, deep water soloing and more.


Issue 100 | March 31, 2023



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  • The toughest hike in Europe

  • Japan's best kept diving secret

  • Deep water soloing

  • The truth about roof-top tents

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The toughest 100 miles in Europe

Photo: Jean-Baptiste-Bellet

If you're looking for the most challenging hiking route in Europe, here it is - the GR20. A 112-mile-long hiking trail that takes you high into the mountains of Corsica where you'll find hidden lakes, stunning sea views, rugged cliffs, and remarkable panoramas.

So why is it often described as the toughest hike on the continent? Well, there's the loose rock for starters. Then throw in some extreme heat, demanding vertical ascents, and plunging descents and you've got one killer trail.

The good news is it's in Europe. So expect well-marked trails and plenty of places to rest and restock. You'll find refugios where you can spend the night along the way and get a hearty plate of food with a glass of red wine.

Watch this: The GR 20: The toughest 100 miles in Europe, to see if you would be up for the challenge.



Monk Manual: A daily system for being + doing

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Crushing goals is easy. Living well, every day is the tricky park. The Monk Manual framework brings you the timeless wisdom of monks into everyday life so you can learn to align who you are with what you do.

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Mikomoto: Japan's home to big ocean animals

Photo: Masayuki Agawa

When you think of Japan I bet the first thing that comes to mind is scuba diving, right? Ok, ok, probably not. That's exactly why the southern part of the Land of the Rising son is one of the best-kept secrets in the diving world.

If you love spotting huge ocean creatures, then head to Mikomoto. It's a small, rocky, uninhabited island in Japan where you can make your dreams come to life.

Here, the mighty Kuroshio current brings warm and clear water from the south, making it a magnet for hammers. This powerful stream of water also attracts sunfish, whale sharks, sailfish, and manta rays.

Typically to see this level of big fish action, you have to go remote. We're talkin' multiple days on a boat kinda remote. So it's hard to believe that such a place exists just a short trip from Tokyo, the largest city in the world.




Deep Water: Psicobloc in Vietnam

Photo: Louder Than Eleven

Your forearms are burning. Sweat streams into your eyes. You're trying to keep your grip on the rocks as your whole body shakes. There are no safety ropes. Suddenly your hand slips and you plummet 40 feet off a rock cliff.

This type of climbing is called Deep Water Soloing. A.k.a: Psicobloc. The idea is that you scale rocky cliffs over the ocean without using ropes. The deep water below acts as protection when you fall.In the early 2000s, Tim Emmett help put this style of climbing on the map in Vietnam.

With over 3000 limestone formations dotting the coast, Ha Long Bay is a prime destination for this no-ropes adventure. "Deep Water" is an aesthetic short film about the exploration of fear, mentorship, and deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with competition climber Kyra Condie and psicobloc pioneer Tim Emmett.

Kyra learns from the master, tackles the fear of climbing high above the water, and then succeeds on one of the hardest deep water solos in Vietnam, The “Lightning Crack” graded 5.13.




Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 40L Black Edition Pack

Perfect for weekend backpacking missions and high mileage hikes, the classic Unbound pack just got stealthier with its new black edition. We love the roll top closure and the ample storage pockets. Grab yours here.




😮 Woah: Arctic foxes transform to match their environments.

🏞️ Quiz: Find your U.S National Park.

👀 Gear: The truth about roof-top tents.

🚶‍♂️ Health: The faster you walk, the better for long-term health.

📚 Book: How to Suffer Outside.




Adventure wallet

Photo: Everest Skydive

Take your best guess: How much does it cost to skydive over Everest?

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